Sunday, March 3, 2013

February update

In February, I was busy living (ethically, I hope) rather than blogging. My resolution to blog here at least fortnightly was over-ambitious. However, I will continue to summarise my progress with the other ethical resolutions.

I increased my regular charitable donations to keep donations at least 5% of my income.

I am doing fairly well with my food-based resolutions (eating less meat, eating only free-range meat, buying from independent grocers and farmers' markets, following Pollan's Food Rules, using the ShopEthical! app) except that I started a job that involves a lot of driving and subsequently started buying a diet cola, sparkling water and takeaway coffees. To combat this, I purchased some coffee to make in a plunger at home (Organic Frida by Republica) and a water bottle that will keep my water icy cold, even after being left in the car on a 40C day.

Speaking of purchases, I made a few this month (as well as food, drink and medication). These were:

  1. A vintage beaded blouse
  2. Three make-up items from Aussie brand Australis (I will post about make-up in future), for a burlesque-themed party I was attending;
  3. My new S'Well water bottle (from one of my favourite local independent stores);
  4. Dishwashing liquid (must learn how to make my own);
  5. A vehicle logbook (Australian-made by an Australian-owned company) for my new job, for which I am driving up to 200km per day; and
  6. A baby-blue, second-hand pushbike car.
That's right - I was supposed to write about choosing a bicycle and instead I spent my vehicle-buying energies choosing a car.  Ugh. That's another post altogether.

Did you make any ethical resolutions for 2013? How are they going?


  1. well you are doing very well!!!!

    some days i do well, somedays not so much. :[ i have had to make two trips to visit my parents -- 750 miles each trip and a FORTUNE in gas -- in one month. ugh. trying to cut back on the driving and the waste to make up for that. ugh. i need to!

  2. Love that blouse. And yes, you are definitely staying as close to your goals as humanly possible (whilst remaining a functioning individual in a very non-ethical, wasteful society) despite being twice labelled as 'ballin' (I just spent five minutes trying to remember that word. I am so uncool)! I need to buy a water bottle. At the moment I feel guilty every time I use and dispose of one of those plastic cups by the water fountain at work..!