Resources - Food

Obviously, I do not endorse all the content in all these resources.  I will update the list over time. For now, it's just a list of the first resources that came to mind.

Michael Pollan The Omnivore's Dilemma
Michael Pollan In Defense of Food
Peter Singer and Jim Mason The Ethics of What We Eat
Mark Bittman Food Matters
Jonathan Safran Foer Eating Animals
Marion Nestle Food Politics
Alisa Smith and JB MacKinnon The 100 Mile Diet 
Eric Schlosser Fast Food Nation 

Food Inc
Forks Over Knives
Super Size Me
Kill It, Cook It, Eat It

Indira Naidoo The Edible Balcony
Arabella Forge Frugavore

Australian Farmers' Market Association
Slow Food
Whole Larder Love
100 Days of Real Food
Vandana Shiva
Dr Temple Grandin

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