Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Links

The Bird Dress by Studio Habeas Corpus - a dress you can make from 5 used t-shirts (via Unconsumption)

My food hero Michael Pollan is interviewed about "how America got so screwed up about food." It's highly relevant to Australia, too.

Part of the reason we have an eating disorder is because of the ideology of "nutritionism" we bring to food. There’s a long history behind this "scientific" approach.

Planning any last minute Christmas shopping in the next few days? Eco Warrior Princess shares 14 Eco Tips to Help You Avoid Excessive Consumerism This Christmas. Her blog archives are great reading, too.

Researchers Have Made Socks That Use Urine to Create Electricity. That's innovative. (Gizmodo)

The Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal always features tongue-in-cheek articles. This article, "Parliamentary privilege", about mortality in members of parliament (in which MPs have longer life expectancies than the general population, and Conservative MPs longer than Labour MPs), has a serious conclusion - education is an important determinant of health.


  1. that dress is pretty cute!

    i have to read that article about food. it is exhausting trying to keep up with what to eat, what not to eat, yada yada. it's all tiring.

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