Sunday, February 1, 2015

Don't let perfect get in the way of better

I have dozens of articles saved to share, dozens of topics to discuss on this blog but it never happens. Partly because of the many competing commitments (including writing and blogging commitments) of life and partly because I feel like a charlatan, a hypocrite - yes, there are many categories in which my consumption is ethical but there are also many categories in which I am filled with a neurotic and paralysing sense of guilt. I still bank with one of the "Big Four", I haven't divested from carbon in any of my other financial interests either, I buy a lot of single use plastic bottles and aluminium cans through my current addiction to a Coca Cola product, I still haven't got a bike, I have private health insurance, I'm still buying books instead of using the library, I eat a lot of meat and fly a lot more than the average person. This is obviously not an exhaustive list.

This year I'm trying to live by the motto that "done is better than perfect". I'm trying to overcome impostor syndrome and get shit done. So I will continue making steps towards more ethical living and share some of my thoughts here. Rant over.

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