Friday, October 19, 2012

Why live in the world...

Last century I had a blog called "Why live in the world..." Its name was from a line in the song  "Monday", by Pulp: "There's nothing to do/so you just stay in bed/why live in the world/when you can live in your head?" Pulp's Different Class was one of my most-played albums during my formative high school years and remains a favourite.

In my angst-ridden adolescence, I couldn't think of a decent reason to live in the world.  I've now learned that living in the world far exceeds what is in my head, and that life, and the world, can be infinitely improved through engagement of like-minded people.

In this blog I will share some of my attempts to live ethically. I tend to agonise over every decision I make - whether what to do, what not to do, what to buy, how best to ration my time, what to recommend to others. I even bought the Rough Guide to Ethical Living a few years ago. I have not formally studied ethics, save for some rudimentary lectures in university. What I write here will be based on my reading, personal experiences and constant internal struggles to decide what is right. My opinion comes from the place of privilege: the privilege of being born in Australia; of never being seriously ill; of having loving, supportive parents and sister; of attending a great (public) high school and university; of never knowing unemployment or poverty; and of always having choices.

I hope that sharing my thoughts will help me make decisions and engage others in discussions about ethical choices and ethical living.

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